Training Plans

One on One Training

Our one-on-one training option involves a 60-minute training session with a MHFT Performance Coach. Every client is given their own exercise prescription based off of his or her goals, and is continuously and closely assessed and monitored. Every session (warm-up, rep, set, etc.) is recorded. No matter if it’s increased strength, improved endurance, or enhanced mobility, clients will be able to personally see their progress day by day.

Buddy Training

Our buddy training package is for any two individuals, whether it’s husband and wife, a teammate, or just a friend from work. With this approach, both individuals will undergo the same training program, working together each session to push and compete with one another. Although working together as a duo, each client will be individually assessed and monitored by a MHFT Performance Coach. Any necessary modifications can and will be made to each client as an individual when appropriate.

Semi-Private Training

Our semi-private or (small group) training has the same approach as the one-on-one and buddy training. This training option consists of groups of 4-6 individuals, making it very cost effective. Each individual will still be carefully monitored and assessed by a MHFT Performance Coach, but now will have the opportunity to train in a group setting.

Sports Performance

These classes will consist of 3-8 athletes and are designed to teach the basics of human biomechanics and the fundamentals of athletic movement patterns. Through professional guidance and analysis from a MHFT Performance Coach, each athlete will engage in drills and exercises designed to further develop their speed, strength, and power. These programs will also focus on injury prevention and improved General Physical Preparedness (GPP), ensuring that each athlete is not only stronger and faster when returning to the playing field, but also structurally sound.

*Note: training packages can consist of either 12 or 24, 60 minute sessions.

Pricing Information

Online Programs

Here at MHFT, we offer a variety of 8-week training programs to help you reach YOUR goals. We understand that many people have the desire and motivation to hit the gym, but struggle with knowing WHAT to do once they get there. This is our way of helping solve this problem.

Functional Training Program

The Functional Training program is designed to help your body get back to good working order. By using a combination of traditional and functional exercises, you will be able to improve your general strength, range of motion, basic biomechanics, joint integrity, and your ability to accomplish activities of daily living. This program is GREAT for individuals who are new to resistance training or for those who have been “out of the game” for a long period of time.

Hypertrophy / Muscular Endurance Program

The Hypertrophy/Muscular Endurance program is for individuals who want to improve their musculature. The term “Hypertrophy” refers to muscle growth. Muscular Endurance refers to the ability of your muscles to work for a longer period of time without fatigue. This program is great for individuals who have been resistance training for a couple years and for those who are “physique” focused.

Strength Program

The Strength program is a program designed to increase overall strength. Structured around the Squat, Bench, and Deadlift, this program will utilize heavy compound movements with the addition of accessory exercises that target weak points. This program is great for those who are “performance” or “powerlifting” focused.

Metabolic Conditioning Program

The Metabolic Conditioning program is for individuals who are interested in decreasing body weight, burning fat, and improving cardiovascular health and performance. By utilizing full-body circuit training, this program is a great way to raise general fitness levels, improve overall bodily function/performance, as well as dropping body fat in a relatively quick manner.

Pricing Information